Everything You Need To Know About Festival Supreme

Do I need a ticket? And what is the cost?

This ain’t no free show, buster. Festival Supreme is a ticketed event. Tickets start at $99 (plus applicable fees). There will be a limited number of VIP tickets available at $250.

What are applicable fees?

In addition to the base price, each ticket will have a Ticketmaster service charge.

OK, so what is included in a G.A. ticket?

Eight hours, more or less, of the finest comedy acts on planet Earth (really, the best in the whole damn world) on three different stages. Oh and music, there’ll be music everywhere mixed in with the comedy. Plus, this year we’ll have a new attraction: The Circus of Death!

Um, no. I’m looking for a more supreme experience.

Ok pal, just for you my friend, we’re gonna sell you VIP tickets! These cost $250 and will include VIP express entry, VIP viewing at each stage and tent, a VIP Lounge featuring shaded areas, extra restrooms, food and beverage vendors, and a cash bar along with a commemorative laminate.  

What time does the show start?

Downbeat (that’s super-insidery concert style lingo for show time) is 2:30pm. Doors will open at 2pm.

Word on the street is that Festival Supreme is kinda spooky this year – should I dress up?

Halloween costumes are encouraged for this show, but please note that masks, toy/replica weapons of any kind (swords, guns, handcuffs, etc) or any other part of a costume that is listed as a prohibited item below will not be allowed into the venue.  Please also be considerate of other guests at the show, if any part of your costume impedes or blocks the view of other guests you may be asked to remove that part of your costume or asked to relocate.

Is there seating available?

Yes, there’ll be plenty of seating to eat and hang out for a few.

Can I go in and out of the venue?

In and outs will not be allowed. Don’t be bummed, we’ll have plenty of fun things to see and do, not to mention we’ll have great food and beverage options! 

Can I bring my 12-year old kid brother (who just hit puberty and loves Workaholics) to see the show? 

Sorry, this event is strictly 17 and over, but you are more than free to accompany him to his bar mitzvah classes.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are NOT allowed in the venue for this event. Maybe next year, you know?

Is smoking permitted?

If you must.

What can I bring inside the venue?

- Small Bags, Single Compartment Backpacks, Fanny Packs, and Purses (Max. 12’’ x 12’’)
- Non‐Professional Flash/Still Cameras
- Cell Phones
- Hats
- Lighters
- Closed Packs of Cigarettes
- Sealed Packs of Gum
- Sealed Chapstick and Lipgloss
- Empty plastic containers for water fill up (please no metal or camel backs)
- Earplugs

What can I NOT bring inside the venue?

- Outside food or beverage
- Alcohol , drugs, or drug paraphernalia
- Glass bottles, metal cans, camel backs,
- Instruments
- Blankets, chairs, flags,
- Fireworks, explosives, laser pointers, slingshots, flashlights
- Professional camera equipment (no cameras with detachable lenses), tripods, audio recording devices,
- Plush or furry items
- Spray paint
- Pacifiers
- Stickers, flyers, posters
- Open packs of cigarettes
- Sharpies/markers
- Weapons, explosives, tear gas, pepper spray, pocket knives or blades of any size or style,
- Pets (with the exception of service animals)
- Water guns, toy replica weapons
- Squirt bottles, soap bubbles, noise making devices (ie. horns, cowbells, whistles)
- Beach balls, frisbees, balloons, skateboards, skates
- Gang attire
- Chains/chain wallets, oversized purses/backpacks
- Any other item deemed inappropriate by management

What happens if my favorite comedian drops off the show?

This is a festival with many artists performing so we still think you will have a blast. The line-up is subject to change and refunds will not be given.

Where can I eat?

There will be food available for sale at the show with a range of dining choices, so bring some cash (we will have ATMs available if you need more).

Is alcohol permitted?

For our 21+ attendees, there will be several full service bar areas within the venue. You may not bring alcohol into the venue. Make sure to bring your ID, otherwise no frosty cold ones for you.

Will merchandise be available for purchase?


How cold does it get?

Well, it’ll be late October so it could get a little nippy, requiring a jacket or a sweater. It’s always a good idea to have something to throw on just in case and you’ll look very pretty or handsome

What happens if it rains?

If the weather history of the date October 25th is any indication, there will be a 2% chance of rain. If you’re nervous about those odds, we suggest you bring a raincoat or a pair of galoshes because this gig goes on rain or shine, sonny boy.

Where is first aid located?

If you require first aid assistance, please visit one of the Medical Tents and we will take care of you. 

Where is the lost and found?

We will have a Guest Services inside with a lost and found. You’ll also be able to get more general Festival Supreme questions answered there.

What if I happen to get parched – will there be water available?

Yes! There will be water refill stations available.

And what if my phone’s battery starts to die – will I be able to charge it somewhere?

Bro, it’s 2014 – we got you covered. We’ll have charging stations for cell phones located throughout the festival.

Where can I relieve myself?

Oh, we got bathrooms, don’t you worry. Plenty of bathrooms!

Where should I book a room?

Our friends at the Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles are a great go-to for a bed. Visit http://www.acehotel.com/losangeles for more info.

More questions?

You must be some kind of wise guy. Go ahead and email us at contact@festivalsupreme.com.